Basic schedules

The buildings blocks of schedules.


Specify the date(s) of a schedule

on_mday() on_yday() on_qday() on_wday() on_weekend() on_weekday()

Specify the day(s) of a schedule

in_week() in_isoweek() in_epiweek()

Specify the week(s) of a schedule


Specify the month(s) of a schedule

in_quarter() in_semester()

Specify the quarter(s) of a schedule

in_year() in_isoyear() in_epiyear()

Specify the year(s) of a schedule

Join schedules

Join schedules using set operations.

also_occur() only_occur()

Join schedules together


Invert a schedule

Use schedules

Make use of schedules.


Does a date fall on a schedule?

schedule() schedule_days() schedule_hours() schedule_next_days()

Get the events of a schedule

Limit schedules

Place limits on how far schedules extend.

after() before() in_between() on_or_after() on_or_before()

Specify the start and end of a schedule

Miscellaneous schedules

Extra schedules.

on_nth() on_first() on_second() on_third() on_fourth() on_last()

Schedule the nth events of a period

roll_by() roll_forward() roll_backward()

Roll scheduled events

on_every_nth() on_every() on_every_second() in_every_nth() in_every() in_every_second()

Make incremental events

on_easter_sunday() on_good_friday() on_easter_monday() on_easter_saturday() on_easter_weekend()

Schedule dates during Easter